Strange Kind of Focus

by Time and Energy

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released November 16, 2012

Recorded by Time and Energy

Sax & Clarinet on "Hot Air" played by: Patrick Takashi Shiroishi

Mixed at New, Improved Recording Studio in Oakland, CA by Eli Crews



all rights reserved


Time and Energy Santa Ana, California

Time and Energy is a two piece Experimental Rock band that involves live and pre-recorded looping.

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Track Name: Hot Air
So you're full of hot air and you know it's time for you to sit down   
Your cheep dream ain't so cheap after all kid it's gonna take you some time    
it has to fall it has to fall down, if you're angry be mad   

Oye maestro vagabundo timido bienaventurado cuentanos de su forma de ser    
cuando se dio cuenta que si se vale la pena morir para vivir con la luz en los pechos
y lo bueno en los echos mas vale la vida en la mano que cien volando

Banana slugs take the dirt and they use it process it for good use
decompose all the dead and the carcass and they feed while they chew 
a symbiotic dependance of goodness cycles goodness for you 
Track Name: Thought Forms
Your keys in the room and there some logs for a fire
every hour you'll get your eats and your eggs to beat
there's food from scratch track flaws wanting to be perfected
from our finger sticks of land trails in hopes that our wills sail
a sea like beach is just a hike down there ain't nothing to being a pain in the ass child    
Nothing but your feet up in the sky   
it aint nothing
its to easy 
it's much harder
to be like a river
cold stream
blood opens breath be that light be it all the time
right now without trying    

Nothing but you're feet up in the sky    
nothing but your thoughts up in the air

There's a town in the center with people living the good life
sprinkled with crazies who'll sell you trumpets for jingles 

Mallet banging the people for feelings all around
metal and wood combo  such a beautiful sound
Track Name: Tree Salad
You're going over all the same ole stories
going over cause you're life is so boring   
some say well I"ma keep ma raging on son
there gonna change but for all the wrong reasons   

Quit feeling sorry you've been taken hostage
A true explorer interested in whats next
quit feeling sorry means start from the start
quit feeling sorry you have had friends from the start    

and you could keep your raging on son
you can keep it you can build your self up
you can break it you can face your days straight
you can buzz it you can feel ape grapes taste   
you keep racing racing on you're either running or you're chasing the sun  
Track Name: Breakdown
Forget the past
You aimless contradiction
We're all loners with addictions
Some get real ugly when it comes to describing the ways they feel they wont bother    
Please make good conversation that's what every one wants
For you to make a big deal out of nothing and to hear your thoughts
Some people can't stand to see some one willing to die for there own right
Because any other way is too easy

Some one who knows that there's no meaning in life without strain 
Someone who cant find it hard to stand up and leave
Some one who see's no wrong in straight losing   
Some one who sits down and writes until they have no sight 
Some one who's picken at their brain striding along trying to view life with out seeing
Some one who pissed on there b-day cake and in no way is that wrong
Some one who takes up all there time  to have time

Tragically we all talk a big sum
We all need our some one to stand back and listen to all our maunder
Let all snakes have there fix now
Let them hear my break down
I'll let all kinds of storms rain on my parade
Cause I'm fine you can have a seat with me here
I was picking at my brain striding along trying to view life with out seeing

Track Name: Split Clean
Don't be sour in the game of wonder
Jump as high as you can shackles on and all
It's a strange kind of focus
must understand must go on

Its the space in your life that makes you think theirs nothing to do 
there's something to do like, what you want to how you choose to
meditate on the things that move you
I'm a lot like you you're a lot like me we talk and talk like it means nothing        
and we'll carry on like symmetry  side by side you are next to me
Track Name: Da Da Da
I  cant get behind what you're trying to say now
I  cant get behind what you're trying to say now
I  cant get behind what you're trying to say now

I  cant get behind what you're trying to say now
I  cant get behind what you're trying to say now 

I'm like a tick stuck on the surface of your skin
I'm pealing off hanging on to my branch but
can't hang on I'm trying to get eaten off
things that support me
feed me dadadadadapataapadadadaahhahadada
Track Name: Sitting On a Scale
Some times I dig back into my conscious mind
then my subconscious mind digs into it's self at times
I'll shake the excess waste of time it's such a waste of time
keeping all my shit in line

Key to life is child like mine
though naive at times much wiser than you adult pride

Sometimes we dig holes and we find nothing
hear nothing but a pin drop in the ocean of our open minds
that's our true design, these whimpers beneath the cracks of time
Maya outside all the time so please make it shine cause its yours and mine
I'm here in the grips and I'll see you here when that time comes it'll be right just for you
make it shine it's yours and mine
Track Name: O'Molly
Colors formed the image with the help of shapes  
a spectacle creates and the crowd fantasied
sit down bobble head and laugh the wind through your teeth
sit on the blades of grass and see she's gooey and sweet
scribble dash control box domination blow this is the place where everybody goes

I am the same but not the same searcher what unifies these acts is what unifies the circles
desire was pain we learned the arch of inversion if you cant complain you'll give back what you've taken
if you don't explain you may die while you're liven  we don't act the same but we can find the same reason
We take the heat and cant except the tension intended to get a rise and piss and blind the things that aren't being mentioned
pop cult pop sucks bad is good and good is bad we prefer it on you and we prefer to be had 

You are the one your the one who does it you are the bad and your the one who doesn't know it 
things of matter beatnik chatter book fiends and new breeds please be and don't seem

Amazing grace how sweet the taste twas grace that thought my heart to play twas grace that brought all that i see
amazing grace how sweet to be 
Track Name: Think it Through
There's a god in your head its directions what you're fed
build it up break it down theirs perfection here right now
I'll speak in tongue you'll think it through
drink it up and you'll see its true

Nothing survives in this thing called life its not a drag its just part of the plan
You've got be to be see to see think to think and breathe to breathe

I'm alone in my head, no you're not you silly kid
you got a jaded mind in over drive think it through and you'll see its true

This society will build you up, push you down and say shut up
you think too much we can't relate turn on the tube and fade away

Break on through to the other side question your mind and what's inside
Track Name: Acid Jam
Cada oveja con su pareja  encuentra ritmo en este lugar y lo de mas francamente no importa no te dejes voluntad   

Im so nervous i feel like Willie Dixon, I have all the meanings but I cant find the words
I'm tripping on my boarders and I cant seem to listen
I flagged you down so that you can hear this
one day soon we'll all find the truth

Divine love sauce gets zest from the build up
Sugar coated ill disposed info gets in your brain
replenish the entrance what else but let fecund darkness poison the self  nah!

Baboon rapture rabbit god what ever it is
if i could describe it there would be no point in being there
I've got my reasons don't you for all the different stimulants you put your self true